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 Stainless steel series
I、Tool that needs to be prepared during the installation
 Tool that needs to be prepared during the installation: churn drilling, corner mill machine, welding machine, tapeline, plumb bob, glue pincers, iron chisel, 8〜10 expansion bolt, cross and subtraction sign screw driver etc.
II、Installing steps
1、Inquire the user to confirm installing site. Measure and revise the site until suitable.
2、Separate the door frame from the door sheet.
3、Communicate with the user to confirm the height of lifting base . Adjust the location of lifting base of door hinge. For suit door, adjust the lifting base of door hinge first.
4、Fast or fix the door frame of hinge position, and adjust vertically using the suspension wire (if uses regular slice, wooden plug or micelle must be put in the hole after boring.)
5、Hang the door sheet to adjust the aperture between door sheet and frame. For suit door, adjust back door first, then close door sheet to adjust the lock.
6、 Fast all stator or expansion bolt of hinge position, then check the lock, aperture between door sheet and frame again.
7、Fast all stator or expansion bolt.
8、 After installation, explain maintenance knowledge to users.

III、Common problems and solutions in stainless steel door installation
1、Products damaged because of carelessness in carrying or dissembling.
2、If reinstall without communication with the user, the most common problem is wrong lifting base. The height of lifting base should be discussed with the user before installation. Analyze the feasibility of the method raised by the user.
3、If not installed according to the above steps, there will be a lot of problems, such as the difficulty in adjusting aperture, the installation lasting a long time. So follow the above steps.
4、Pay no attention to the location of water pipe or electric wire, and accident may arise. Communicate with the user in advance about whether there are water pipes or electric wires behind the hole.
5、Did not explain some doubtful points with the user may lead to their suspect. If serious, some irrational affairs may appear. As to some situations affecting the beauty of door appearance, explain to the user first and listen to their advice attentively and analyze the advantages and disadvantages to them. For example, if the wall is not vertical enough and it will cause bordure¨s position leave the wall, leave the decision to the user and make analysis according to the situation of the scene.
6、The top door sheet rubs the frame. The main reason is that the frame is not vertical or there is deviation in installation. The screw in lock position should be loosened and lift it 2mm may solve this problem. (Note: the bottom should be filled up after the frame being lifted.)
7、Common problems with bouncing hinge. If the angle between frame and door sheet is greater than 90 degree, there will be bouncing hinge when closing the door. First fast two screws in frame and the position hinge and then adjust the door. (Push the bottom of bordure¨s position toward door sheet until no bouncing hinge appears.)
8、There are two reasons if the door leaf may open or close automatically while opening:
  (1)、Suspension wire is not used in the installation. The opposite angles are asymmetric or both sides do not level off. Suspension wire should be used before hanging the door to make sure whether the frame is vertical or not.
  (2)、The upper and lower hinge are not vertical. Fill in a plank to beat the hinge until the problem is solved.
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